a letter to my dad

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      The dust flies up in piles, unwanted.  Coating my eyes in a layer of grit, of oblivion.  The grass is freshly cut,  just like at home.  Home. 
I never knew The man who always tied my shoes, The man that would sing me to sleep To the tune of the victory march of his favorite team, The man who took me to my first Irish game,
Dear Dad,   Where were you?When mom was working 24/7 to put food on the table. Where were you? When your own flesh and blood came into the world unstable. Where were you?
dear dad,   you look at me when i am a woman, pretty pink dress clung like a leech sucking content from my skin.
Dear Dad,   There's a hole in my heart, where you should've been. A man not a coward; that's what I wish that you could've been.  I used to pray and ask God, "Do he think of me?"
Dear dad, Hey remember me? It’s me, your princess It’s been a decade since we last saw each other How’s it like in Heaven?   You had a hard life But you kept fighting Locked up
Gone for months, See me once Still don't make an effort   Moved away But you stay Still don't make an effort   Right upstairs But who cares Still don't make an effort
You slithered in one night when I was four I watched You creep inside and shut the door I remember the weight - your hips on mine I tried to run, or yell, or even hide.  
Dear Jeffrey Mark Spencer   I thought I could forget you The empty parking lot at Irvings and missed phone calls long forgotten It even became a joke to us
  Somewhere in the World Rd. Emotions Point Gone, Outer space December 13, 2017 Dear dad,  I mean person,  I’m sorry… man?
Dear Dad, You bought me breakfast Again. I should be grateful. You worked for that Money. But I’m Not.
Dear Daddy, Did you know I loved you? Did you know you were my favorite? Did you know I'd miss you? You didn't have to do it, daddy. You could've waited one more day, one more hour.
When we were first born, my dad was terrified of us. We were the two scariest people that he had ever met.
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