'depression' 'Pain' 'sadness' 'despair' life human rights

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I watch people smile so perfectly content, like the worries of the world have restrained from presenting itself yet.crowds of people march the streets, risking their lives to bring back world peace.The world is crying out for help, as disaster cre
For my lov'in  people who work so hard in what they do  hated has been placed at are foots  with a hate that flags hated towards our people with looks  and aggression  we desperately looking for
"It's a curse, a friend of the grave" they judged a black, and guessed on someone's soul at its color, but they're the most worst, whom are ready to let millions of innocents die in the bloody lands,
Because I love you You used it as an excuse to get to me I let myself fall for you Only to realize you would never pick me up Instead, you ran over my withered soul   Because I love you
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