'True Love'

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The moon, the stars, and every light Shine upon you  Like an angel in the night. Shifting my gazing eyes  To one beautiful sight.   
To live in union with Him means to… Acknowledge His love, accept it, and store it in your heart. Appreciate His love and share it. Breathe His love and be filled with it. 
Once upon a time, in a kingdom far away, There was a beautiful tiger princess. And every prince from near and far Tried their best to win her heart.   The tiger princess was kind and good,
The instructor said, Go home and write a page tonight And let that page come out of you Then it will be true   I wonder is it that simple?
Paper hearts and euphoric sighs. "IT'S BECAUSE I LOVE YOU." Skipping class and instantaneous lies. "IT'S BECAUSE I LOVE YOU."
Dichotomy So often found in the strangest of places Reminds us why Living can be both melancholy and euphoric.   She
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