Because I Love You Scholarship Slam

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Take out your phone, turn it off, stuff it under some clothes in the top drawer of your highest shelfYou'll think I'm being selfish,Telling you what to do, who to talk to, but it's only because   I love you  
Relationships are like paper, The beauty is in the folds, But if the paper is left to entropy, The soul loses all shape and mold, Because I Love you I crease with care, As every memory pass,
I always admired the way our hands communicated. I loved feeling your middle finger graze over mine.
You said you could never love my free spirit And I can’t be with someone unwilling to grow and prosper with me You said this is it I said is this how it’s going to be? You told me that love could conquer all
I'll stay awhile To see your shining smile. Lip caught in your teeth, Smudging the paper to magically Make a figure emerge. Breathing life with your pencil with The blood sneakily tinting
Because I love you, I'll stay on the phone. Because I love you, You'll never be alone. Because I love you, You'll always be right. Because I love you, You won that fight. Because I love you, You love me.
"Because I love you," those words ring in my ears,I feel myself slipping, I feel those tears dripping. Because you love me, I let you use me,Because you love me, what might sound toxic to others Plays through my head...a sweet melody. Because you
'Because I love you' isn't just phrase It's words you should cherish for all your days Because he loves you, you should feel no guilt Your love should last forever, as a rose that doesn't wilt
I love you because...   Your arms are coming home; warming me like a hearth, without the fear of its flame. Your voice is a stream;
You love me, right? Yes, I know you've said it. Yes, I know I've heard it and yes. I've listened.   But! But nothing, I know. You do, BUT-- My brain doesn't believe you.  
Because I Love You I Can Speak My Mind Because You Love Me You Can Speak Your Mind Because We Love Each Other We Can Speak Our Minds Because We Love We Have Joy Because I Love You We Can Spend Time Apart
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