lesbian unrequited love

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My heart is a hollow place Where old dreams lie: Smoking the opium of forgetfulness Trying in vain to die. I willed myself into a trance this summer, And fell into a deep, enchanted slumber.
I met with her in a field of blooming wildflowers. She stood there in her sky-blue dress Amongst the sage, And primrose, Bluebonnet and paintbrush, Dandelion, And the tiniest white lilies.
I committed a great crime this spring. I learned a lesson that I'll not soon forget. I learned never to fall in love again If I can help it. I think about your curls falling on me,
I'm ok now.Mostly, that is.I still think about you.Sometimes it feels like you never left:Stalking the fringes of my dreams.
Memories, aged before their time. I made one such with you. Limbs entwined like trees Embracing branches, Swaying together in the breeze. Anathema began with sacrament. Wild thorns from eden sprung.
Her eyes were jumping from one stationary object to the next. Chair, pillow, window, wall hanging, the door. She was restless in her pursuit to find anything to distract from our proximity.
i have watched my best friend fall in love 3 times   the first time as she talked about him i saw her eyes crinkle up at the the corners like the sleeves of her favourite sweater  around her wrists
Dear 4-year love,  The day I met you Little did I know, I was damned From the start   The day I met you Was meant to be Another unsatisfying day That is until I laid my eyes on you
The longing I feel for you lurk behind my closed walls Your after image following me through my never-ending mind maze Scenery bright like the stars in the midnight sky
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