Day I Met You

Dear 4-year love, 

The day I met you

Little did I know,

I was damned

From the start


The day I met you

Was meant to be

Another unsatisfying day

That is until I laid my eyes on you


You sat by me

And I ignored you

As I do with all

I kept my distance

For my mind warned me of you


So why was it that

That day I couldn't

Stop staring at you

Why was it that I felt anxious

And desired for class to end?

Why was it that there was 

A nagging feeling in my chest?

Why is it that from that day onward

Anytime you came into view

Time slowed down?

And the rhythm in my chest

Sped up at unordinary speeds...?


For your smile

That can brighten

Up the whole room

And yet mask

Unbearable pain

Filled a part of me

I though was gone

A part that

I had gotten rid of 

On purpose


And your laugh

Oh god your laugh 

Which even to today

Is my favorite sound

And I swear

That I smile like a fool

When I hear it

Had been enough

To enchant me


And your gaze

That at times

Can cut through anything

And anyone

Yet somehow

Is the most gentle

In the whole world

Was enough to 

Melt down my walls


And I promise you

That it was never 

My intention to

Be anything

But mere strangers


So when you turned to look at me

One week later

I swear that the whole world disappeared

And in that moment

It seemed as if time slowed down

And all I saw was you

As you smiled

So big that your eyes shone

And all I heard was your voice

As you spoke my name


From that day onwards

It was the beginning

Of a love that was not meant to be

Of broken promises and lies

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