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When beginning this poem I had an epiphany:   I don’t know what healthy love is supposed to look like   The prompt- “Because I love you” Only reminds me of a harsh November sadness
i have an Ache a wish to complain i need escape from inner pain   wish i could scream i keep composed because They'll all scheme if i'm not Closed   can't let them know
I do anything for you even if you don't know my name. Because i love you. You say that i  am pretty lame. But i still do anything for you. Because i love you.
Love is an ignorant bliss entitled only to you. With you is the sense of being protected. with you is th sense of being accepted. loving you is the only way to live.  
Love is an ignorant bliss entitled only to you.
Becuase I love you  I see you  I feel you  I miss you  Days and nights I beg to see you  I feel your heart beat when I lay on your chest  I love that feeling  Just like I love you 
i need to be saved but who’s there to help me and with all this sadness i cannot find the key i’ve been trying too hard
i need you your soft lips those warm fingertips are not all   with tears falling to the ground you cover me in a hug
I'd sing to you if you couldn't fall asleep, because I love you, I'd rush to your house with a roll of toilet paper if you ran out, because I love you, I'd even give you the clothes on my back, because I love you,
Day by day life seems to slip away, but when I see your face it begins to race. I wish we had more time because I love you. I love you because I know you love me too. You show me every day little by little,
Because I thought I loved you, I shamelessly walked in your shadow. Because I thought I loved you, I was blind not to see that you were shallow. "Fresh meat" "Innocent" "Virginal"
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