i have an Ache

a wish to complain

i need escape

from inner pain


wish i could scream

i keep composed

because They'll all scheme

if i'm not Closed


can't let them know

that you won't shine

keep your outer Glow

yeah, mom, i'm fine...


what'll They think 

if i let it out

i'm on the Brink

but don't stand out


can't hold it back

i'm on the Verge

one more attack

resist the Urge


i might just Snap

i was almost through

my life Unwrapped

then i met You



You helped me to speak

gave me a voice

i used to be Weak

I Finally Rejoice


I Opened Up To You

Let You Inside

All That I Said Is True

All That I Used To hide


My Words Pour Out

An Avalanche Of Emotion

And I Used To doubt

People With Such Devotion


Listen Closely, My Friend

I Had My heart break

Until I Opened

Which Healed The ache

This poem is about: 
My community



I was inspired to write this when a friend of mine opened up to me about a problem she was having.

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