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curious humansnations working together—toilet paper wars . . © 2020 by Mark Toney. All rights reserved.  
Why???   The globe is big, and heavy Noone can carry it on their own. But when I walk out into it I feel like i’m alone   Why me?
Myself, Me, and Iall bottled up insideThe thoughts that I thinkthe questions that I askthe search for morefor better, not to quitIt's not enoughWhat I knowI must know more
Does he know he's in my heart Tangled up in the warmth Always sleeping, never knowing Rising high and falling deep on the heavy laboured breaths Nestled lost like a rock at the center of a moutain
I am curious and hardworking. I wonder if people see me the same as I see myself. I hear the voices of my peers. I want to help others. I am curious and hardworking.  
In my eyes..  
She was always very curious,
To live life in comfortability is not living, that is called being prisoned from yourself.
I see a stranger standing there And wonder of her cares. Where is she from And why did she come? What are her fears  What causes her tears? I wonder why she is alone
Sometimes I wonder,
Curious of those around what are the thoughts they ponder in their minds? Why do we all label one another? My family tree spreads its arms along the worlds rim Spain to Africa to Germany Texas to New Mexico
Like an hourglass my mind started to empty as my heart started to fill
every time your lids meet— I take note of every veiny scrawl; every feathery lash that twines upward the careful details that veil your intermittent eyes.
What is it like, being pretty, feeling special? what is it like to have someone who would go all ends of the world for you? what is it like to sleep every night?
I touched a deer yesterday. First its nose then its cheek. I looked into its glass eyes, Sadly empty and dead, Placed when they stuffed its head, Then mounted it as a trophy.
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