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In an adverse reality I'm sure we could live in harmony. I'm sure an oasis will sprout With naked men & women Deer & birds roaming alike, Conjoined by the gayness within
I know I haven't written In a while, but I'm getting in that mood again And can't stop thinking about what happened So I'll do this to get it out my mind. And I hope I just stop crying.
Seeing this young idol Casted down Stricken from his own existence is exhausting It's as if I see it too much.   "I've seen him before!" I'd say, and you'd the both.
Creed   I write in an ink Encapsulated in plastic foreign to the usual mold. Shaped by a known, yet  Overlooked manufacturer.   I remember only certain Aspects of life matter.
You have no love for me! As the concept of admiration Seeps through teeth of a mouth at grin. Just as an angry shade of red  Would color spotted grief Upon the face of the cruelly  Disfigured.  
As I dive back into the night I realize the ring worn is for another. This sonnet is unbroken Due to the lies told for you and I Just as the ring implicates.   These hugs go farther than a kiss 
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