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Your imitation of love fooled me when I was naive. I have blossomed now and a deserved love I will achieve.   Streams of thoughts flooded through my head,
Because I love you, you should do what I say. Because I love you, you can't hang out with your friends. Because I love you, you can't wear that. Because I love you, you should stay home.
Love isn't  "if you don't have sex with me you don't love me" Love isn't "you aren't allowed to follow him, block him" Love isn't "you are not allowed to wear that, take it off"
Spoken Communicated Listen   Comforted Focused Responded   Stopped Stopped Stopped  
“Because I love you” is what the unintelligent use to justify their actions “I love you” are more than words It’s the way you make me feel and the honesty
  Because I love you…               You are the only thing that will ever matter to me. Because I love you…               I need to see you every day. Because I love you…
Hard to be healthy Health is for the wealthy Relationships are hard to find Love has become a lie Not for everyone though Many people out there ready for love The cold hearted people
Betrayal… as much as we fight it, it still finds a way to be near Known to psychologist as unconscious fear, but I seem well aware of it after each tear
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