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Naked skeletons. Hollow eyes. Gnarled joints. All in line for “shower” time. I was just following orders. Branded like cattle. In line like sheep for slaughter. Already dead.
  In the attic of rigid wood I sit denied any motion, We were forced here, as no one should We’re waiting without any notion.
They were brought down Down to the pits of the darkest spectrum Beyond a trace of relief, a glimmer of hope   They were menaced, chided, and turned Beaten, battered, and burned
It is here where the birds refuse to fly, and the animals, graze      For on this spot people have died     There was no one here to save    The tattered souls of the depraved  
There’s a sound of broken glass, A rush of fear and the sound of dogs. Our silence is deep, But I know it won’t last.   My mother said a bad man is in charge. He wants to hurt us because we’re Jews.
I watch you as you burn Tongues of yellow, orange and deepest red Licking at your yarn head Nipping, curling around your homespun cloth Little dolly mine I cannot bring myself to cry As momma sobs out loud
The cattle car stopped, our ten day trip we hoped to be through So much hatred from a Nazi, so much hatred toward a Jew Our belongings were taken, to where we don’t know The pile of suitcases beginning to grow
Standing in a row See revulsion in their eyes Together we stand All wishing, hoping, praying To be anywhere but here
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