A March in the Snow


It is here where the birds refuse to fly, and the animals, graze  


For on this spot people have died 


There was no one here to save


 The tattered souls of the depraved




Blacks shoes reflecting in the sun  


As they walk, ride, and drive they flourish their guns  


The michlings, the musselmen... they run  




Worn thin-  


Are they, their very supports, beings, beliefs stolen on this ejective trip   


One to eradicate as they suffer under the exterminating whip  


Belonging to those who ran the chambers, the ovens, the barracks, the camps  


And who forced them on this trip  




Trains, no longer necessary  


As the cruel men's adversaries are advancing  


No. Cattle runs are simpler  


There are no rules but  


-run--do not fall behind  


-never whine  


-don't step out of line  


The result will be something, a lone snuff, a bullet to the head  




The random pop reflects across the bark of the evergreens 


 A a boom, a burst, a blast from the barrel, and another dead Jew falls into icy soil  


Yet still they march.  


With the snow seeping...  


Green feet festering...  


The killing cold...  


Could nature really kill these unfortunate souls?  




The further into the forest  


The more the virgin snow grows pink  


The more it crunches by the force of withered feet  


The thuds of falling corpses  


Falling from the fire of a rifle.   


On the way to Loslau, where the trains will all meet  




The fourth day--the final arrival  


The Stapo’s last effort to make the reich survive   


The 60,000 now at 45  15,000 dead--one in four gone  


The remains are shoved into the freezing rail cars and sent to die another day  


To Mauthausen, Dachau, Belsen they go   


As long as they are gone and the evidence destroyed  


But the Reds were just a 9 days away  


So close, so far were they  


On that woeful day  




Animals know  


People do not  


Of the crimes committed here seven decades ago  


And as the grey atmosphere envelops the sullen environment  


A lone yarrow grows



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