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The Sum Being called N-Word How many times? Being underestimated because I am a Black womanSeveral timesSnubbed because I am BlackToo many times Ignored because I am a womanLots of timesA look of surprise and a frown when I say that my mother read
listen. what you eat. tropical. exotic. inamorata. same dirt to dig.
You unfasten the buttons on your shirt loosen the collar alter the sides tie the ends into a knot cuff your sleeves
He told me I was one of the most beautiful specimens he'd ever seen.They said we'd look good together;I foolishly hoped he liked me.
Privilege? I’m sorry I seem to have forgotten what that word really means. You see it’s been forced in my ears and down my throat so many times I’ve become numb to its bitterness.
It put me in my feels You broke open my seals   I wanted to speak my mind But knew I had to somehow be kind
Look at my face Look at This Face   I know her   These thin lips Small eyes Large cheeks   My eyelashes are short But long enough for their purpose
Drink after drinkAmerica takes round after round  the world takesHow long till it all stops Round after round It won't stopIncreased time befor the shotsAmerica and the world will never Stop Racism is the obsessionBrought to attention by the ones 
Blank, we start with a few lines Color has no life in this world Soaring white eagles over monochrome pines Black and white clouds swirled Build this world of black and white Nothing is blind in our sight
My grandmother made her home here early, Before the borders were walled, Before Laredo was a proper baario In the heat, she cared for seven children.   My grandmother felt prejudice quickly,
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