Make America Great Again

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First, they robbed, killed, and enslaved the Arawaks, They smothered the indigenous with Smallpox blankets, And they built an economy on the scarred backs of slaves.   Then they blazed a trail of tears,
At a time when unity is never been more necessary, We put our trust and country into regressionary Actions that will “Make America Great Again!” But many left questioning, “What if we are not white?”
America, the almighty and great indeed Whip lashes across our backs Shackles around our hands and feet   Make America Great Again? Fought and died for freedom for the future with no recognition in history
People say America is the place to be. But that doesn't make a lot of sense to me. Sure our county is one of the best. But couldn't we possibly be doing more?
America has come far from the days of slavery, of abuse and torture, pain
We've heard it from various women and men In the year of 2016 "Make America Great Again" Was the slogan so commonly seen   The implications of that slogan Are not commonly thought about
Make a America great again  a saying I heard in my ears again but can you tell me, when was it great?  It's first action was a crime, theft  It's second was another crime, murder 
America can be great again, The hills could roll and the breeze could sing. Lately, we are all to worried about who's president. Why they shouldn't be there and whos to blame Milenials or Gen-X
America the great? Don't you mean America the fake? We are the stealers and consumers of this land. It may be the home of the brave, but it will never be the land of the free.
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