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Divorce   The word divorce is defined as the legal dissolution of a marriage by a court or other competent body, But that’s not all it means.  
i’ve spent hours on others   i can’t make them do anything still i type declare what you’re going to do  
I saw you todayAnd my heart flipped out of my chestLater that night I couldn't rest.Months after getting over youThere I was back in your graspAnd now I reminisce about our past.
Picture louder than a bomb baby I'm about to tell you what been driving me crazy Like puncho I being noticing people acting kinda shady
I never knew I'd know what love is until I met you.  Cliche as it sounds, I fell for the guy I never talked to in high school. 
How dare you Why are you doing this You promised You swore you'd be there I trusted you
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