'change' '2016' 'new me'

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Change is continuous unfolding A process perpetual and profound A moment hardly consequential The human epoch barely a sound   Change is a cycle, like seasons Fundamental as life and death
It was the year of growing up It was the year I was thrusted from the sparkly, childlike fairytale I had been encompassed in into the confusing, grey reality    
Dear Past Me,  Believe me, life can be such a rollercoaster  ride.   There are times when you don't know when to give up, or if you should keep pursuing the road that's less taken.  
Heleena and Anxiety Take on 2016!                                                     December 31st, 2015. Time goes fast, almost too fast. A new year a new me.
Evolving… Transforming… I am a new person. Success and Failure. Happiness and Pain. They have shaped me like clay. I have become more outspoken. I have become more independent.
As the clamor of December at last ends and the hope of fresh starts begins to grow, I will not forget the year that taught me the art of holding fast to your dreams and letting them go.  
It's time to look back To an unemployed year, When life was off track And things were unclear.   I was reactive and broke My social life lacked, The butt of a joke My confidence cracked.
Living in a world without a care, I began wondering how life would be there. Would I find true love? Will I be free to do whatever I wanted? Would I be able to watch movies on my own that were haunted?
5…4…3…2…1…The ball is down2015 is in the rearview mirrorWelcome 2016“New Year, New Me”The meaningless phraseThis time is differentThis time, it will be a new Me
They say 2016 was a horrible year! A detrimental year! The worst year of our lives!   Breakups happened. Hearts and bodies were destroyed.
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