narrative poem

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In the poetry reading,The Piano Magic, the inspiration comes from old buildings and theaters and what used to be inside... And even, the possibility within an imagination, of what might
When the land was perceived as new, and owned by the British, With barely a road, the people still skittish. There was a land in Pennsylvania, now known as Bedford; Called for the surname of a Lord known as Edward.
I watch the old house all day and night; I keep my vigil, never leaving my sight.   The oak they call me; the oak I may be, But from birth I have stood here, with nothing unseen.  
This is the tale of man in his boat; So worn, so tattered, barely stayed afloat. Late in the evening, no luck on his side, He came into shore on the first riptide.  
In the dead of night, we boarded the boat to save our lives. I was woken in my sweat, as I was shaken by my wife. She grabbed our screaming daughters; I loaded a boat with supplies.
Kaytagal dumalangin Sa akin ay dumating Ilang buwan at taon Magpahanggang-ngayon   Simpleng lalake ang aking hanap Maamo niyang mukha ang taglay Mabait na awra sa kanya'y bagay
Two years, three years, five years passed Now we're in this chapel Everything feels surreal It all feels like a dream   Two years, three years, five years passed
Note: This poem is not based off real people or events, any resemblance is completely coincidental.   Tomorrow is Thursday I’ll be remembered, in my own way.
I feel most alive on the US-15 with my mother, my father, and my puppy.
Read from right to left :
    Her mother’s corn blonde hair, And her fathers ocean blue eyes, look up at her from above as she makes her way to the top of a wall so famous, it can be seen from space.
  The night is young,
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