A midnight kiss


The night is young,

With music flooding the air,

Bodies glided back and forth,

Mine stood still as time,

While everyone was having a good time,


Trying to obscure what can’t be seen,

 A shattered heart of glass,

Hoping to surpass,

All the haunting stares,

Always looking for an escape,

Wishing I can run away from this place,


Hoping I could get away,

I see his face,

And all these feeling have gone astray, 

This heart of mine skipped a beat,

 As he made his way towards me,

His lips curved to a smile, 


I blushed deeply,

 Eager to conceal mine,

Our bodies are close enough to touch,

And the melancholy melody,

Turns divine,


Soon after that night,

We gave our goodbyes,

Finally kissing at midnight.



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