my year in poetry slam

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January was lovely Crisp and cool and clear December was so dreary Shrouded in mist and fear   I can’t recall what happened
In my eyes, the world has grown Satisfied with being owned “Who cares?” is the phrase of choice We have a say, but not a voice Our minds are but the mirrors of
You were always there To imagine life without you was impossible Because it was all I ever knew So now that things are different I have learned how to appreciate
In the beginning, I felt like dying Everyday was the same filled with my constant sighing I could not bring forgiveness to myself I am alone   I settled for someone who only brought me stress
She'll never get anywhere the way she acts, they all say.What's her problemShe thinks she's to good, they all whisper.It's all about her
Change is inevitable  It can haunt us Like a demon in the night You can try and take flight But somethings you must grow with From years of being a witness To the abuse, it was all a mess
It had taken my friends away, and now- it wanted to take me too.
You always found writing as a form of comfort, and that is something that we still share in common.   Nothing is more cathartic than intertwining ink and paper into a beautiful ballad
This was a year of firsts. First time recognizing the abuse, first time moving out of the house.  First time really feeling like I didn't have a home. 
Do you know what it feels like, To run your fingers through the freshly shorn grass Behind your ears, For the first time, And to feel the steady crackle of your heartbeat, Burning like a hearth, like home.
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