adversity motivation inspiration

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Hear me, My Captain!     Those words you spoke,         so elegantly fill my mind,             empowering my goals, my dreams, my life.   Hear me, My Captain!     You say never to give up.
I don’t want to be like you. I know that hurts for you to hear after all you have done for me But it whispers across the distance between us whenever I go away Or when I speak of my goals and my future desires.
A glowing presence appeared before me. Was I asleep or was I awake? I thought her first a stranger; she wasn't a stranger at all. “What is your name?” I asked. She said her name is: “Photon!”
she strives for the end  begs for release a queen caged Fear me in the beginning so your end  try to Break me  i'll just bend Shatter me i''ll put myself together
Trying to be a voice to the voiceless while I'm still trying to find my own, trying to give words to the speechless yet still trying to set the tone, quiet but still outspoken, cracked but still unbroken,
Ever wonder why your a spectator in your own life? Every angle you observe reoccurs twice?  Still strolling backwards on that one way street, sweat thickening from that massive heat. You see Sin is a hell of a drug,
Now I've had a thought,  that every person has a story to tell.    So humor me for a moment,  and write yours down as well.    I'll pay it back full price you see,  and tell you mine in return, 
Through devotion, dedication, and inspiration We hope to find motivation To achieve our dreams no matter the cost One should never feel that they are lost
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