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Dawn breaks  And the Hudson is clear  Two colonels, two pistols  And two hearts beat with fear    Despite this fact,
To get myself motivated And psyched to work The best thing for me Is the Hamilton soundtrack. Songs about a man Working hard and non-stop,
Honorable Admirable Married Eliza Schuyler Immigrant Lawyer Talented Orphan
Dear Alexander Hamilton, How does it feel to be viewd as a Hero that changed the World? How do you feel about being the "bastard, orphan, son of a whore" that has changed people's lives because of what you've done
I imagine death Is this a memory? Will it finally get me, Is this where my end will be?   I've been livin' as a man with a mission
When your skin has been torn from your bones,And your life ripped apart,You have no choice but to part With the ways of old.Or continue on the same path,And refuse to fit the given mold.You can uproot the world with all your wrath,Lashing out with
In the beginning, I felt like dying Everyday was the same filled with my constant sighing I could not bring forgiveness to myself I am alone   I settled for someone who only brought me stress
What makes me get up and greet the day like today is the day everything will be okay. Like I could smile for a change like back in the day when my only worry was when I could go outside and play.
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