Feelin Good Scholarship Slam

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Curving my lips revealing my teeth brings goodness and warmth into me. Filled with the sound of f having a good time. Redness blushing over my round cheeks. Glasses lifted up with the force of happiness. That's what makes me feel good inside.
When the world seems blue, I know exactly what to do. I turn my music up high and look up and that sky. A smile creeps back on my face I am in my happy place The music makes me feel alive , as though I can fly.
Seeing    My          Impeccable         feLine             bElla. Feeling
Face toward the bright sun, Breathe; the cool capricious  breeze. know...life's amazing.  
"I am not perfect, nobody is, That's why humans can coexist with eachother, because everyone has it's own weaknesses". -Fubuki Shirou (Inazuma Eleven 2009)   My life isn't exactly a train wreck,
dinner date with mocha brown café crumpled napkin clutched in lap by hands who splash ballads onto stained tan canvas with thin brushstrokes, flick incense-ashes to the floor.
How do I explain How you make me feel? There aren’t enough words. There will never be enough words.   You are a storm
Theres someone that means the world to me No matter how dark the world can be She's always a light to help me see   She doesn't know how much she means to me I know that our love can never be
When I'm feeling bad And not having fun I want to sleep And avoid everyone   My depression drifts Like dead leaves blowing Falling into darkness My anger glowing  
i breathe. my throat is tight from too much singing and the anxiety that follows my audition -the look in my teacher's eyes is not responsive when the last note resonates 
Love your family Family is everything  Family is bliss
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