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Unethical protocols  Juicy prompts Veiled passion Serums promise. Oxygenated clean days 
Madison lives in a mysterious town,where little fairies & elvesplay in the tinsel garden Lollipops grow on trees,wafers in a bush,chips hang from branches,chocolates dangle from trees. Fountains of lemonade,strawberry and orange,.Chocolate mil
The Elven Realm    I was walking through the meadow, swirling through the wheat, when suddenly I came upon a figure, Sweltering among the summer’s heat. He said to me, “Do not step farther,
A drink, just a little sip of it is like a magical potion that can give you strength, courage, even love, but remember it doesn't last forever, and it's effects are not that magical after it lost its powers
Beauty and the Beast may be A tale as old as time, But when adding in apps like Tinder, we see How it fits the modern dating paradigm.   The prince spent his night Mindlessly swiping right
Once upon a dream.. If  you are like most children, you thought of the magical storyline beginning. A poet somewhere might see it as the start of a somber memory..
As they shine so bright, the darkness is never in sight. Whether they are big, whether they are small, no human being has ever seen it all. As they travel through the water, nothing else seems to matter.
“Have I got, a crush on you”, said he The message passed, a swift From her pair of ears to her brain Her heart was beating up in at the highest Her mind was remembering it on and on
A pearl, Dipped in love and frosted with perfection,
In my fantasy I can do anythingI dream, I fly, and soar through the skyThat twinkles with the mesmerising stars of the universe
Movies, literature Culture in general This world is one of wonders Wonders that I am proud to experience   Diversity is abundant With much difference
Disneyland is a place for all ages. As soon as you walk in, your in a whole new world. Adults become kids, and kids become carefree. You smell the candy, the turkey legs, the treats. The rides are thrilling, reminding you of your favorite movies.
A turn of a key, a lift of a hand; A motley assortment both bland and grand, so often concealed in black beneath black, revealed in the light of the widening crack.
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