when someone hears those magical words

“Have I got, a crush on you”, said he

The message passed, a swift

From her pair of ears to her brain

Her heart was beating up in at the highest

Her mind was remembering it on and on

And the sentence was revolving

Again and again


On the day 1287 of their relationship

She had put in a wish to meet him up

So came he with a friend

They met in the court of food

His pal had a issue to be resolved

Suddenly she asked if the pal could

Solve their issue


He turned

With a look so stern

He said those magical words


He loved her


Breathe went out

Her nose, cut all the

Process of her breathing

She felt like she was dead


Was it true?


A little consciousness she gained back

A pinch, so sweet she did, to her soul

To come back from her unconscious like state


If she had a chance to dance

Or if there were to be flash mob

In the mall

Or if there was a shooting to be held

She would have shook her feet and danced

Yet her inner soul was to do so


All the music of love

Whatever she could ever

Think off tuned in her mind

She was to choose

Which to shake her feet to


Heaven she felt in her

Heart and mind

and on Earth


Her heart did not just beat

Up high but it was

Jumping, hitting her

From within

To feel and hear his very words



She thought to

Shout up as high

As possible

Wanting to scream


I love you my dear


Yet with all

Joys and pleasure


She had tears

For she never knew

Such a day would ever

Come to be true


Yet with a small glee

With a naughty smile

And one of the seven sins

Came up to her mind

To ask him so sweet


“Whoa! Excuse moi but

What was it again?”


He told with a brave heart


I Love You


Yet again breathe

Left her at once

one more time


She went to become

from mad to fall

Deeply and madly in love

With him


It was a tedious

Journey indeed

for her

From the 30th day

Of the fourth month

Of the year 2010


Which ended up

In the sweet 7th

Of the eleventh

month of

the year 2013


A journey so great

Never to be forgotten


For luck did strike

Her strives


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