bad breakup

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Run away into her arms You’ll be safe there Drowned in expensive perfume Gluttony, let me eat the envy 12 batches of burnt chocolate chip cookies  
I am sitting in my room and I'm getting consumedby these emotions and I feel like I am doomed.I feel like I am trash that got swept by a broom.I am in a bad mood listening to sad tunes. I am feeling a lot of pain and don't want it to turn to hate.
How could you how could you love me  and then leave me how could you tell me we were forever and then cut me off like a sensless piece of string hanging off of your beautiful body
Carry on now, there's nothing to do. You're over me but I still love you. I need you so bad, I miss you my dear. Where are you going? I'm right here! I've cried so often, I just can't anymore.
Her pouring tears do not interest me.   But the hair that drips down her bare back   till it brushes against the black line   drawn at her waist– intoxicating.  
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