Brown Girls

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I only had eyes for you The way your cheeks turned raw  At the slightest inconvenience And your eyes gently watered  At every scolding
There she was, pretty and brown. In the high castle, Dead bodies all around. She took liver temps, and checked stomach contents. As I looked in awe  of what I wished to represent.  
Brown is a mix of innocence and experience, because not everything is as easy in black and white. It is a blend of the natural essence in life. Her warmth assembled into your irises to turn the way you see things.
I love everything about myself I don’t care if my confidence offends you lack thereof I don’t care if a billion dollar industry is hurt
Lovely that we get to live here.                                      Grateful for the hard work of someone else,                               For Chance
Mamá always lied to herself   I used to think she lived covered in a silk of illusion, distancing herself from her thoughts­– measuring happiness with grains of rice.  
Lightskin was my dream Ignorant to my beauty My reflction was my nightmare But I lived in darkskin  Brown as can be My skin was my hated reality How can I live with such low self esteem
Look, Mommy! I grab the bleach blonde Fake ponytail extension From the Target shelf And place it, like a crown, atop my frizzy chestnut brown curls. Mommy, can I have it please?
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