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spinning spinning round and round nowhere noone slows it down hands outstretched tryingtheir best i grasp and i claw my mind knows no rest it is like the world is muted spinning spinning round and round
Press against my begging blossom,  Reaching for  Thy tender kiss.  As I quiver beneath your bosom, Fill my womanhood With bliss. For I trust you with such bounty, Take away 
"You must do well." But why? "You have to. You have to fight, you have to climb, no matter how rusted the latter is. "You have to do better than me." "You have to outshine the others."
Like a baby, my first steps are difficult. I fall countless times. There are bruises and wounds to remember the struggle. And like a baby, I keep trying. Like a baby, I look ahead and find Father waiting for me.
My love is everlasting Like a tree that's evergreen But it's not seen By those who mean To sweep it from its pedistool
I am the dreamer of a million things  the one who believes in all those nostalgic childhood dreams  as time grows, so does the concept of doubt constantly looming, 
Oh teacher,oh teacher,How lost we each are. Both reaching,both searching,knowing we are not truly showing who we are. Will they listen now?Will they react now?Are their signs on how they fare?
The sea: a light flickers, flits, sees my face, turns back. I call, reach, shield from the rain on the waves that, crashing, cover the figment, which drowns, choking, a bubbly laugh
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