forgive and forget

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Rising rage overwhelms meAs I think about what they didI try to keep away from themI keep my feelings to myself   But a fire roars within meWanting to be free i think about
we said we’d never go back  but can we forgive the days in black forget the days of blue all i want is you    you’ve hurt me before and i’ve hurt you too but i believe this can be restored
Dear Evil Man, I dont think it's fair. Not at all. Why do you acquire happiness? I think to myself, "Why? Why is he given a family? And a loving wife? Why is he worthy of living?"
Words? Can't you speak? "Duh" You're just weird, shut up "The slience began, theres no reason to stop what already happened
Love is all we need So cliché but Since when have we been Too good for cliché After all, Clichés are cliché for a reason   Love is all we need It lets us live out clichés
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