The girl is me


Can't you speak?


You're just weird, shut up

"The slience began, theres no reason to stop what already happened

You forgive and forget, they say you live and you learn

Meaning I understood that it was just YOU, it's your turn

You know the quieter you are, the more you learn

So observe..."

You dumb freak, is your mother like slow or something you act like a owl

"You see, right there

If i was the square, you would just leave me alone

Yet I'm gaining your attention, somewhat apart of my silent mission

My goal to have control and you're giving it to me"

I bet your mom is disppointed she probably is just as ugly as you

"Okay! Huston we have a problem!

Your words are uglier than you think, are you okay?

(relax)(silence) So i write...

I write my letter to you

In hopes that you see what I see

You're breaking hearts that you haven't even seen

You hurt me but the girl behind me is sad too

she's stronger but what does she do?

and its all because of YOU"

Why aren't you responding!?

"I am, in my book

If you weren't so jugemental I would let you look

I'd rather write because feeling can't be expessed"

Bye, you're pitiful

"I write because you hurt me the best"





This poem is about: 
Our world


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