another ocean poem

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I want to kiss you like the shore kisses the sun, I want to touch your calm and hear your hums. I want to engulf in you completely,  and drown myself in your serenity.  I want to breathe your tranquility, 
I am the ocean. So deep. You couldn’t possibly see everything inside of me. And why would you want to? It’s dangerous. It’s dark. You can’t breathe. I try to pull you inside because I want to feel closer to you.
The vast ocean, transcending over lands, Peacefully. Its waters calm as silence on a wave less, Windless day.   It is as tranquil as sitting waters in a test-tube.
  The water and its depth would scare me as a child I knew the waves could whip me and make me wild I used to think the ocean was hollow like a shell And that the monsters in it were secrets I should never tell
I adored the beach, Which became my oasis when lonely thoughts plagued my mind.  Juice from the mangoes I’d pick dripped from my full lips as I bathed in the clear waters, and the afternoon sun.  Sweet sounds of Erykah Badu’s singing voice filled
swallow me up into your fearsome, roaring billows submerge me in your bitter waters i will succumb to your force of gravity swirling around in your sea like a grain of salt  
it's like you've lived your whole life on the bottom of the sea rising now  things are looking up  lifting too fast  you feel like you might implode too much pressure too much release
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