I adored the beach, Which became my oasis when lonely thoughts plagued my mind.  Juice from the mangoes I’d pick dripped from my full lips as I bathed in the clear waters, and the afternoon sun.  Sweet sounds of Erykah Badu’s singing voice filled my ears as I wrote poetry in the sand; my secrets I kept hidden away from the world.  The sea mist blew on my face and my breasts, as if I were being kissed by the goddess Yemaya, herself. My melanin turned into a beautiful representation of the sun, and the love I believe it to have for me.  The ocean was the full azure spectrum, and the sand felt heavenly on my feet. These moments were ones to cherish, especially for a girl like me. For me, a deserted island is but a dream. Access to fresh vegetation, no societal pressures, beautiful scenery and the utmost freedom to be myself.  Freedom is all I would need.  Freedom to love myself, Freedom to feel bliss, Freedom of anything that would threaten my authenticity.  All I need is my freedom.  

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Maya Angelique

Blessed, blissful freedom

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