desert island

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Alone, cold, stranded, and deserted on an island of my own, somehow with you close I know I am not alone. Not with me in flesh, but I can feel it all through my bones I am in your hold.
Before I take a trip, take a beat, take a breath Take stock, what I've got Is waking moments and sleeping thoughts In my head, I have music, I have stories, I have friends
They left us Oceans stretch for miles No food, no shelter Only the clothes on my back and something else My sweetheart I love him. When we touch My hair stands on end
Stranded on a deserted island, with just one thing to bring Stranded on a deserted island, with just one single thing Some request their phones
                   A Little piece of wood   A little piece of wood that will create an chemical reaction holds my life in it's stem when lit. With it I can renew my body, mind and soul.
If I were stuck on a desert island and I think of what I’d need I think a lot of people underestimate what they’d need to succeed In keeping themselves alive, happy, and sane.
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