Alone, cold, stranded, and deserted

on an island of my own,

somehow with you close

I know I am not alone.

Not with me in flesh,

but I can feel it all through my bones

I am in your hold.

The air is thin and light,

but not for long

you were always so bold.

Everyone back home says “I know that person”

but you are simply a type of ghost.

On this island dreaming with my eyes closed,

I can feel the subtle touch of your nose.

Nestled between a rock and a hard place

I can see the bright sun.

Waves crash and caress the sand,

you immediately grab my hand.

Without you, I am not myself

I cherished your love,

I could be off the grid forever

and still feel your hugs.

I need you like the earth needs its axis,

and the earth needs its warmth

I would not be the person I am,

even on this island,

that I took the wrong turn and ended up on.

Alone, cold, stranded, and deserted,

on an island of my own,

I am not lost when I am with your


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