First love is an unconditional one

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Once I'as going away Far from my hute. Waiting for a conveyance Along my class mate. Just after a while- I see a fairy Toward my front like The Venus of the sky. But I avoided, avoided
I look up at the stars And all I can think of is you How all of a sudden you are growing up And feeling emotions you can't even put a name to For this girl you love
You were busy being in love with her, I was busy trying not to burst into tears when the thought of you came up. I'm not her. But oh god I wish I was,
your eyes and your smile and your hands  are warm, when i see you i smile as well, oh god cliche as cliche is love, made out to be so grandious and unique and fantastic
You had me at hello. I stared into your eyes as my soul became mesmorized, at that exact moment it hit me, the attraction between us was more than enough to become a sweet distraction from the rest.
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