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As a past drug addict many people ask me what LSD was like… but…   How do I explain the rain to someone who had never felt it? You've felt it hit your skin
emotional calousses and psychological imbalances there's unwanted inhabitants in my mind's inner palaces i never fathomed this like a sudden heart attack kicks in i need to relax, sip the jack, numb the madness  
mary be that ho3 u get with time and time again lucy be that classy broad who be makin u wonder if u are jus playing fraud on yourself. yes of course thats what i mean aint that obscene?
eye trip while u sip enlighten while u get ignorant open my third eye while u go blind. my mind is a tool, so are u. my aura is blue, yours is red simulating your soul is dead.
Acid rain Crawling through your twisted veins Stealing the eyes that used to see The other side.   Now I've tried  I've opened my mind  To an endless possibility 
mm this is sweet, amazing to eat and a total treat! I wonder what it could be? its yellow but its not my pee. Its long and hard this is tricky, but its got a peel wippi! can it be an eel? no.. definetaly not steel..
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