emotional calousses and psychological imbalances

there's unwanted inhabitants in my mind's inner palaces

i never fathomed this like a sudden heart attack kicks in

i need to relax, sip the jack, numb the madness


one time on LSD, the fear got the best of me

unrestedely yes i'm not exactly the best at sleep

this child is wild; i like to live festively

i need it i feed it so i can feel it electrically


it was all going swell until the spell turned around on me

outward bound to the lost and found on a wave that was drowning me

disillusion, confusion, that was all it was bound to be

Felt like i was awake, but i probably was sound asleep


the nightmare is scary, it's there when i'm restless

can't dispel it, can't quell it, I fell and it's helpless

the noises, the voices, they don't leave so easily

thought i had the control, thought i had the peace in me


but we all have our battles, so a tattle tale told me

now i'm weak and afraid, made a mistake please don't scold me

couldn't handle being scandalous just want someone to hold me

i was desperate so i let you come in and unfold me


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