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Picked apart, the partially picked heart fell apart from the start, Til the end, though their "friend" did it again and again. Shattered, scattered, plastered on the floor, Loved no more, out the door my life did soar
You want to find yourself.  What you need is to come to God. You like to embrace nature. What you're doing is embracing the Creator. You like to listen to the universe.
Staring out over the oceanThe sun's reflection burningSparkling off the Blue Man's hullCreates a sounding paradiseThat never seems to dull  
I am standing alone in a crowded room No one here to listen to my cries The cries of people that have come before me A man walks across the room
Dear Colored People, Colored or not! We are people and should be treated as so. Colored or not! I still have to take on the many challenges that come within a day.
The trees and the mountains             In vain Martin Luther King            In vain The Fifa ballon d'or           In vain The monarchy of England           In vain The worried parents
Scratches of graphite on wrinkly paper Diamond in the rough Rhymes and lines Masterpiece not yet unveiled Boring words with double meanings Expression of a mere moment Fancy talk and dramatics
Poetry, according to Webster's decree, is "Something that is very beautiful or graceful", some sophisticated art or form, meant to make the heart feel full. But what about Ginsberg, Bukowski, and Poe?
Not much can be said about lines and circles. At least from an observer''s view. I, the lines, the circles, My eye, the lines, the circles: All in a straight line (with circles). Painters seem to love their
It’s tempting, to gaze upon the night sky                                       and see only crisp starlight, juxtaposed with a firm sheet of outer space. But most would know that soon,
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