Lines and Circles

Not much can be said about lines and circles.
At least from an observer''s view.
I, the lines, the circles,
My eye, the lines, the circles:
All in a straight line (with circles).
Painters seem to love their
Splattered lazily across walls,
Turning into half...
And lines...
Circles and lines
Seem inappropriate at times, those naughty shapes;
Like bananas and grapes, they look tasty,
I mean, what consists of lines and circles anyways?

Lines are straight and never bent
Until they are broken and beaten,
Forever with a dent.
Circles are round and always bent
While thrown across a playing field,
Staying where they were sent.

But there is more to the geometry
Of lines and circles and lines, and
If more lies underneath these things,
We can learn from diving deep.

Lines aren't always straightened
By rough and hardy hands.
Lines outline circles; they become
Round strands, elastic bands, and
Circles don't always sink into the ground
To be picked up
By gentle hands.
Circles hold a better place
As balloons- not circles at all.
These circles bare a different shape
Than either straight or round;
In oval balloons, lines and circles can be found.

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