written 2014

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Good morning my love, You know I love you, though some would say I don’t tell you enough I love you in the way the sun lies on your waking face and how you turn my face red with every word I love you
Mist lingers on the tree tops Afraid to let go Light rays dance through the air Leaving patches of sun behind Squeals of laughter burst through The early morning chill
Tears of joy from the Sky rest on the windowpane Dampening my view
She could see the words Through the page Threatening to come out Words from stories She thought she’d never tell She put ink to paper and Her mind churned Her pen flew
I’m still trying to pinpoint the day when Good night, I love you turned into You’re asleep already? Did you remember to feed the cats? When How was your day? became
Words that can never describe her mind Chaos is abundant Whirling hurling swirling thoughts each making less sense than the one before Each piling on to the stress And the worry And the disorientation
Suffocating Closing in Til she feels like she can’t breathe. Each gasp a plea for sanity, each tear a cry for help She prays for release
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