abuse dating broken

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The way I post a fake smile hoping, time to start coping. The way I distract myself with silly tasks, displaying an emotionless mask. The way that thoughts of you flood in, tears are so sudden.
Tell me Mr. Hero, what have You done? Is this not my story? You’ve commandeered the issue my newest release There, See Your summons in the sky That which obscures my image  
I miss you, I love you. What day is it? Where are you? Hey,   Hello. What are you doing today?
From the first time I saw you I thought you were cute.  Not like little boy cute
Love shouldn't hurt. I shouldn't have tear drop stains on my shirt. I shouldn't feel like I'm alone,when you're in the room. I shouldn't feel weak , with you I should be strong.
I need a release to find some peace Take me away with your grace To find some peace in this space Calm the raging war in my mind Close those doors in the sky. You're making my plans with such demand
Once upon a time When we were fine I could breathe in air, life Now i breathe in the crimson blood From my heart that bleeds out My skin, damaged from the scars   These are my scars
Push her away to a corner of your mind Say to yourself "I'm sure she won't mind" Never call her, forget she exists Keep it up until she knows something's amiss
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