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Floating through space like a bubble ready to pop Coaxing myself for a true reason to stop Until I look deep into your honey brwon eyes Then I realize...
 They buried us, But we were seeds. As they filled the world with clouds of hate, Hope poured out as rain, Time was our strength, The skies cleared out, As the sun shined bright with love,
Him He’s been there with me through it all: Every homecoming, birthday, and prom. He’s the one I turn to each and every time To make me happy when life is far from sublime
Hard to be healthy Health is for the wealthy Relationships are hard to find Love has become a lie Not for everyone though Many people out there ready for love The cold hearted people
To Be With Her   It wasn not sudden That I know for certain. She's stronger than I. In her every experience She surpasses me.   The gesture of her smile to him, shut me out.
My breath is a breath that speaks. And when it does, it creates waves that crash in a million different ways, changing, being recreated, being chipped away, and added to.
A Light, Yet FarThrough dark and dreary roads, I traveled.Soon all light began to fade, and die.Losing all hope and will to live,Traveling through a far and distant land,
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