Memorial Day

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We are honoring those who fought and died for the USA.We are honoring our deceased soldiers on Memorial Day.Many soldiers fought and died so that every American can be free.
Memories of your brothers fallen, Memories of your comrades calling, The smoke rising high in the sky, The memories of people's lives.   The memory of violence without cause,
Raise the flag up from half mast.But be prepared to lower it, this peace won't last.The flag may be hih for only one day morebefore we bring it down, our hearts so sore.
"Happy Memorial Day!" cheers abound  While blood flooded streets pay for salvation  We drink, we eat, with bodies in the ground.  "Come Save Big Bucks!" stores seduce the nation   We laugh, we talk of how grateful we are  22 die at home to escape
We the survivors,  Owe much to the real heroes,   Who's service,  We commemorate  On Memorial Day. ~ Ricardo
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