alcoholic father

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Dear Dad, There are few things that remind me of you. Take a person who has smokes a pack a mix it with the black ice air freshener and that was your permanent car smell. Whatever your cologne scent was, it screamed you.
“You’re not that good of a sister you know, if you were a better role model, I wouldn’t be like this” and right there, I began to question my purpose. What was I here for? Am I supposed to be the guide in her life or live my own?
A man stolen by alcohol intoxicated monster more as blurred actions tearing family relations not to be remembered by next dawn  
Love is a strange feeling. Some people seem to think love is one thing, while others seem to think it's another. Honestly, it can be interpreted in so many different ways and seen from so many different perspectives.
He used to have a well paying job as a police officer but he was introduced to his worst nightmare Alcohol. He became an alcoholic and soon lost his job and his wife
  Pain not as evil as you think, Pain gets less and less as you drink. Alcohol, the solution to all problems.   The red eyes of an alcoholic
Forgotten and beaten is no easy life, mistreated and defeated is like being stabbed with a knife,  The ones who swore to protect you forever, are now the ones who abuse you is quite the endeavor.  
You stagger through the door, belligerent and blind. Anger that only spirits could invoke - menacing - gleering through your eyes.
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