What the power of alcohol has

He used to have a well paying job

as a police officer


he was introduced to

his worst nightmare


He became an alcoholic

and soon lost his job

and his wife

and his only child.

After he had lost it all

he lived with his mother

and took whatever coins he could get.

He knew his exwife had left the country

and through seven years

he only visited his daughter four times

and all he could could give her was fifthy scents.

He was never a bad guy

but the alcohol in his system

made people think bad of him

incuding his daugher.

His daugher was bullied in school

was dropping out of school at age eleven

with the memories of men sexually harrazing her

but there was not one day in seven years that he pick up the phone

to call his daugher

nor a single christmas or birthday present to her.

Through years of alcoholism

his body started to fail

his daughter

with a nonchalant voice said

He will die sooner or later

And sure enough

Not after a year after she had said that

he was drunk and fell

he hit his head on the pavement while having a seizure

and died.

When the news got to his daughter

who he had not seen for another five years

she didn't feel anything.

She only said


And got scolded by her mother

for being a cold hearted monster

For not caring for her now dead father.

This is what the power of alcohol

All of this is what the power of alcohol has.


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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