a crush

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We met few occasions or so  We chatted few times or more  They may have been short or brief, But worth a memory! I ask myself Why a guy like that be interested in a gal like me?
Just talking with you puts a smile on my face when im with you im not a disgrace i think i love you but i dont know we will have to wait until the end of the show
I don't want to keep feeling this way,Because each time I come closer, you move away.I don't want to seem desperate or clingy at all.I just want you to catch me each time that I fall.
CRUSHING  A silent wind blows by, I open wide my arms and softly breath in as I tilt my head towards the sky. Upon bringing it back to its normal position, I notice a simple looking lady with a captivating smile.  With realization I find myself sm
How could anyone not be curious about you? The one who moves with ease, struggling to become one with her shadow.
the feel of your hair while you rest your head on me should be a crime, it isn't fair   the look in your eyes while you tell me you're here to stay makes me want to ask if you'll be mine  
 What is the true purpose of life.  We chase after materialistic things, they make us “happy”.  But do they?   They say money can’t buy you happiness, is it true?   But if it’s true why do we still chase it ?
i would not say that i am an open book.  in fact, most days, i am not only closed, but i am bound by a lock with the key thrown away and buried 60 feet under on a deserted island. 
Still alone in your room Staring at a blank tv screen For it to reflect your image Waiting as the time passes by Remembering the words Picture perfect Picture perfect Piture perfect
the epitome of you: flirtatious gentleman a hell-like paradise a book with the words scribbled out blackout poetry?  
Dear You,   I hated who I was when I was with you. I hated that you would use me. I hate that I'm still wasting my time on you, 8 years later. I hated the person you became when you were with the wrong crowd.
Everybody plays the fool Well I guess its my turn once again to step up to the plate   I remember the first time I saw you I got lost in your warm coca like brown eyes
Dear Boy That I Met at Lunchtime, You said to me: “At least you know how it feels like now” What was it? Oh, the feeling of liking someone.
It be like a love song playlist for hours on end. It be like falling asleep to the classics on repeat. It be like "Can't get you off my mind" as my day goes on, and on, and on.
The butterflies are first, then the sweaty palms, and I know that it is real. These feelings are not fake because I can see it  especially when he blushes. My friends think it's crazy,
Knew he wasn't the one first time I saw him  Wonder what he thought when he first saw me  But if he's a jerk then I can be a beach  Burnin him for revenge, then I can move on Keeping him forever 
He gave me a story, A tell of a boy who had a crush, On a girl he gave laudatory.   He was smart, With a mind like a labratory, And he even drew art.   The girl had to go,
When I look into your eyes, I realize how much I want my stars back Brighter when I’m sitting in darkness; when the skies are black They give off more light Letting me find my way home at night
The bees buzz; The birds fly; The trees can almost touch the sky. The sun shines, there are no clouds. Oh, I hope you never let me down.
If you were my boyfriend I'd want to hold your hand, But not the way you'd think. Id just want the tips to touch JUST THE TIPS Our finger tips
I told someone my secrets.I told all of my secrets to a bucket.I'm afraid they won't hold.Who the hell needs a leaky bucket with their wordstaped to the bottom?I'm afraid I've given my guns
Dreams Joyful Pleasant Two of us Not alone, but not watched
Hey buddy ol' pal of mine, what's up?
As I walk past him my cheeks turn red, I say hello but he ignores it instead I wonder how we would cuddle in his bed Or how his hand would fit in mine, My heart is in a bind.
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