late night thoughts

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Why is it that people are so afraid of change? Do they actually find a sense of comfort in the prosaic and predictable? How is that a way to live? Is it even a way to live?
Is there ever a time when you realize that you’re mind might not be you’re mind
I've watched your broad shoulders stretch outward, Listened to your beautiful quip of laughter, Traced the flesh of your lower back, And told you about my darkest moments.  
POUNDING POUNDING The thoughts want in, - - POUNDING POUNDING They will be my end, - - POUNDING POUNDING They want to control my functions, - - POUNDING POUNDING
When you tell me you are tired and are going to sleep I let you I always let you, because I love you and I know you are tired and you should sleep What is stopping you from sleeping?
Late night conversations make you learn a lot about the people you thought you knew, with liquor savored on our lips, and the night sky above, everything seemed infinite.
I've cried, I've weeped, I've screamed Can you not see me?? Tell me have I become of a burden You've taken me into oblivian Can you not see me??
2 a.m. caught up in my feelings got your image running through my head flipping through the scenery   lost or lonely  I don't know  can you tell me what I'm feeling  
What does it mean to be truly free, If I asked you this could you answer me? And what does it mean to be whole, Am I not complete? Thoughts like these rush in On lonely nights when I can't sleep.
Snow falls As gently on the ground As lovers  Caress skin. Coating the ground  With soft whike flakes Hushing the world around it Until even a whisper Cannot be heard. 
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