fake love

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he loves her so desperately and that she knew. all he can ever ask for is maybe a hungout and that was sometimes too much
The Great Pretenders They attend and pretend I have no time for that That’s why solitude is my sanity It’s what I use when my soul has cuts to mend
Please don't cause me depression. Am not begging you to make you feel inferior over me, or make look like a kid who lost the compass to the future. But please listen to me while I still have a voice to say something.
You only see my tears when I laugh But can't see my wounds and scars inside. You only listen to what you hear
A shimmering haze shrouds my view, sending my world into a poorly lit kaleidoscope of grays.   The haze is of my own fabrication.
It was in a million walls, I still laid my bricks and mounted out my tears for waters. I had a call for the storming war, made out my call to stand out simple for others.
i loved a boy who hated everything sweet. i made him a cake but didn't add any sugar, yet he still said it was too sweet. i bought him candies but made sure only the sour,
fake love you loved me so much that you crumpled up my trust and found comfort inside other girls guts because you loved me
You make me love you,You make me hate you,But can't you see I always get what I want,so stop messing with my head.You can't make me say "I love you too."Even though I do.
I learned to drive today, Did pretty well, But you had nothing to say Because you weren't there.   I graduated last year A huge celebration with friends. We had it right here,
Held on like a child clinging to the string that dangles from the bottom of a ballon.   You huffed and puffed, like the Big Bad Wolf, trying to blow away my only happiness.
I've tried to put the pieces together to figure out why I ever cared.I think I tried fixing you, if I could do that simple task I would feel better.I couldn't fix you and I wound up falling for you.
Behind every closed door may or may not be a secret. Yet people decide to be fake, despite it.
Why do I make people my top priority? I work my ass off to please. It is weird how they don't care with ease. You push, fight, and scratch your way into their hearts just for some one to fake love you.
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