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4:32 am I sit up and look around my room only to see different shades of black, each just as lonely as the next.
  She lives on a street The street was composed of a row of houses
I am quirky I am loud I am imperfect I am awkward I get nervous I lose focus I make mistakes I get back up I am powerful I am strong I believe in myself
There she was Laying on her bed Hair messed up Makeup smeared Beaten No will to live No strength to go on No recognition of what self love was
Flawless is me, because this is how God made me. Flawless is me, Because God made me this way, And this is how i am gonna stay. Flawless is me,  Because God loves me,
I stand alone in my weirdness, Yes I do. There is nothing special though. I go to school, I go home. I see his face, but I'm all alone. There is nothing special about me, No.
When your goneits like my world stops.when your gonemy head spins in loops.when your gonemy heart feels hollow.but only when your gone.
I'm 17 and flawless 
We werent born the same. Everyone is different mankind has flaws Even the sky has lightning and thunder but who is to say that isnt beautiful? Some people may see the flaws in you
Not another love can compare to you, Or was it even love at all? I had your undivided attention at first, Or was it only for the thirst?  
for the defintion of beauty like the definition of art cannot be defined every wound and scar only to add to the shine for all is valued  they may doubt it but I never will Flaws are beautiful
Your beautiful mind is sick  You see yourself as less than you are  I know you think you're not worth a crap,  But your very being makes me glad I hope you know you're worth more than a mountain of gold
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