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Tormented  Pain fills the atmosphere as I await a tide of motion, my eyes are filled with tears that I struggle to hold back.
I brush my lips across my abusers cheekThey say the abuse lies skin deep, but I say it rests in my heartAnother night we spend like this, all snuggled up like we lovedBut we did not feel love, we felt resentment deep within
Who am I? No one sees me They glance shallowly, right through my existence. Who am I? Who am I? I exist utterly in solitude My own mind a mystery; I can't comprehend Unseen Unheard
Her Heart beat is rising, while her tears are shining, why is she so ……..afraid The Obstacles are piling, her mind has stopped its smiling, I think she is……afraid
Her tiny fingers reached to the sky, but no one would grab them. She cried and cried, but no one would ever hear her. There was no room for her to feel any safety or comfort. Continuously looking over her shoulder,
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